„The only journey is the one within.“ – Rainer Maria RILKE

We all know how important it is to have balance in our lives. As a result, people and families today are fostering their connection with nature more than ever. Our company is trying to achieve a balanced life while nurturing the nature, business and a healthy lifestyle. On top of that, we feel obliged to address social and environmental issues that affect us all

About us

We invest in property and IT technologies but also in agriculture, renewable energy resources and in sports culture. Diversity is the spice of life and we think it is also the gateway to business harmony.

We strongly believe that if harmony is achieved we can strive for a positive change.


Hydroelectric Power Plants

Hydroelectric Power Plants

Small hydro power plant Hronská Dúbrava is the newest power plant in Slovakia. Built by the world-class professionals from Hydro Energy using state of the art projection technologies. River Hron, its elevation is the main source for the plant. Development company Hydro-Energy was established to explore hydropower potential in Slovakia. The electric plant was sold [...]

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Hurican Systems

Hurican Systems

The company Hurican Europe provides full service in IT area, computers and audio-video services. Hurican Europe manages computers, networks, data, e-mail servers and its focus is on small and medium-sized businesses. Hurican Europe is very interesting for Braun Holding because of its No.1 place on the market. For more information visit: www.hurican.sk.

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How we help

  • Janette Husárova Foundation

    Charitatívna aukcia športových artefaktov od úspešných športovcov sa konala  v hoteli Albrecht v novembri 2011. Výťažok z aukcie bol venovaný Detskému kardiocentru v Bratislave na Kramároch.

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  • 2 seeds Tanzánia

    Sieť 2seeds je neziskovou organizáciou zastrešujúcou malé, efektívne poľnohospodárske rozvojové projekty v Afrike. Zameriava sa na výber, zaškolenie a mentoring múdrych a zanietených „žiakov“ na začiatku ich kariéry v spolupráci s africkými partnermi.

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  • Magna

    Magna Deti v núdzi je slovenská humanitárna organizácia, ktorej poslaním je zabezpečovať lekársku a sociálnu pomoc deťom a ich rodinám v krízových oblastiach sveta, realizovať humanitárne a dlhodobé projekty vo svete zamerané na pomoc ľuďom v núdzi spôsobenej či už chudobou, chorobami, vojnou, alebo ekologickou katastrofou, a to bez ohľadu na etnickú, náboženskú či rasovú príslušnosť.

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  • DROP OF HOPE Foundation

    DROP OF HOPE Foundation was established to promote medical, educational, cultural and social needs of sick children, especially children affected by cancer. For more information visit: www.kvapkanadeje.sk.

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  • Marián Gáborík Foundation

    Founded in 2004. The aim of this organization is to create suitable environment for talented children coming from wear social background. Motto of the project is: “Say NO to drugs! Join us at the sport field!” To lead children towards sport is a long-term and challenging educational process which requires a close cooperation between parents, [...]

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    GOOD ANGEL is a humanitarian financial aid system. With regular monthly financial contributions Good Angel is helping families with children where someone is suffering from cancer or another serious disease. For more information visit: www.dobryanjel.sk.

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  • PROVIDA Foundation

    PROVIDA Foundation was founded in 2010 as a platform to create and support innovative projects aiming to provide solutions to the various problems faced by our society today. These include inequalities arising from social, educational or health-related conditions but also other challenges related to our environment, culture and general civic engagement. For more information visit: www.nadaciaprovida.sk.

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    “Misia 2012” encourages famous and successful people to make an effort and contribute towards a good purpose by personally distributing (by bike) certificates to disadvantaged families. The project raised over 7.000 eur in September 2012. The amount was used to finance medical aid for the affected families. The famous people of Slovakia have grabbed their [...]

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