„The only journey is the one within.“ – Rainer Maria RILKE

We all know how important it is to have balance in our lives. As a result, people and families today are fostering their connection with nature more than ever. Our company is trying to achieve a balanced life while nurturing the nature, business and a healthy lifestyle. On top of that, we feel obliged to address social and environmental issues that affect us all

Marián Gáborík Foundation

Founded in 2004. The aim of this organization is to create suitable environment for talented children coming from wear social background.

Motto of the project is:

“Say NO to drugs! Join us at the sport field!”

To lead children towards sport is a long-term and challenging educational process which requires a close cooperation between parents, coach and school. The outcome of this process should be an individual who, thanks to sport lived a happy childhood, met his/her best friends, gained valuable experiences, had lots of fun and will carry these memories throughout the life.

Every child has the right to dream. To give children the opportunity to dream about once becoming world champions, NHL players or winners of the Olympic gold is the key reason why Braun holding’s founder Boris Zeleny took a decision to financially support Marián Gáborík Foundation.